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Image by Michael Dziedzic


Positive Leaders 

Positive leaders create a ripple effect throughout the organization that inspires the best in organizations including results. We focus on the entire person with a foundation of well-being to help leaders reach their full potential professionally and personally.


Creating thriving teams starts with building solid relationships first. We help teams connect, build psychological safety and learn the importance of healthy conflict and constructive feedback. 

Vital Organizations

Vital organizations are places where all people flourish. We help organizations create systemic change through evidence based practices to create environments that exemplify the best in human potential.  

Measurement& Evaluation

Our foundation in measurement and evaluation aims to strengthen organizations through high-quality evaluation services. We use evaluation to guide the implementation 

and continuous improvement of our services and to determine their effectiveness in your organization.


Our vision is for organizations to be a life force that enhances the lives of their workforce and community. We are a team of coaches, organizational development practitioners, educators, and applied research scientists who utilize evidence-based practices based in the science of positive psychology as the foundation for helping create life-giving leaders and organizations. Our approach and programs are informed by scientific research and leverage both the professional and scientific community to enhance the benefits to organizations.


We foster positive leadership that helps individuals from a place of foundational well-being increase their performance, impact and bring out the best all-around them. Through building team connection and cohesion, we enable teams to reach their highest levels of performance while aligning to their purpose and passion. The Leader & Organization Vitality Center is dedicated to being the place organizations can find qualified people and evidence-based solutions to create organizations where all people can flourish while also achieving outstanding results.

We emphasize the importance of measurement and evaluation to improve our projects and

determine effectiveness.  As former Claremont Graduate University Professor Peter Drucker said, 

the greatest management thinker of all time with 39 books, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  

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