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Positive Leaders

Positive Psychology Coaching

Our coaches use Evidence Based Coaching practices to help leaders reach their full potential and fulfillment. We deliver best in class coaching based in positive psychology and coaching psychology. Our experienced coaches work one-on-one with to improve leadership dimensions and well-being: e.g. vitality, self-awareness and self-management, work-life balance, mental focus and adaptability, emotional intelligence and capacity to inspire. We address leadership and well-being systematically and holistically.

Image by Natalie Pedigo

Positive Leader Education

Positive leaders draws on scientific evidence to help become positive energizers in their organizations, communities and families. We help leaders learn the skills and practices of positive leadership that enhance thriving cultures, drive exceptional results and bring out the best in everyone around them. We provide the education and the ability to connect with other positive leaders.

Image by Francesco Gallarotti

Shift+ Feedback Approach

Our effective approach to feedback is grounded in positive psychology and allyship. We partner directly with Shift + to deliver a feedback system that directly engages the leader's "people system” as allies who actively and openly support the leader's development throughout the change process. The Shift + approach leverages appreciative inquiry, leader strengths, energy network analysis, systems thinking and solution-based feedback to create deeper levels of self-awareness and growth.  

Image by Nadin Mario

Leader Well-being

We utilize the evidence-based PERMA+4 Framework to help leaders understand how to create well-being and vitality in their lives. PERMA+4 includes: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, physical health, mindset, environment, and economic security. Through PERMA+4 framework, we help leaders make important lifestyle changes and cultivate new supportive habits. 

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