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Vital Organizations

Image by Dan Meyers

Vital Organizations Assessment

In order to determine the best path for your organization, we utilize a customized assessment to see your organizational strengths and opportunities. This assessment allows us to help you customize the best path forward and measure progress along the way. 

Image by JJ Ying

Energy Network Analysis 

Understanding who are the positive energizers in your organization is a key differentiator in performance. Positive energizers help create positive cultures, engage others and help organizations through change. By identifying these influential people, organizations can help leverage their workforce to enhance the culture and lead more effectively. 

Positive Culture and Climate

Creating a positive culture and climate enables human thriving and outstanding organizational performance. Our team helps you determine how to get there through an integrated, comprehensive approach with measurement and evaluation.

Positive Change Methodology 

Change is constant within organizations. The positive change methodology helps organizations look at both the psychological and emotional sides of change to help move an organization forward. Our approach integrates positive approaches with positive communication to help organizations overcome the many barriers faced in traditional change management practices.

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